Daily Support Subscription Terms and Conditions


    • The Two-Week Daily Support Separation Anxiety Subscription fee is USD $550.00.

    • The subscription purchase is done through Stripe, which accepts multiple types of credit cards.

    • The US dollar is the currency of choice. In case of international purchases, the fee might be subject to conversion to the respective national currency, depending on Stripe, the country, and your bank requirements.

    • The first subscription period fee has to be paid in advance, prior to the beginning of the program and it is non-refundable.

    • The subscription will automatically renew every two weeks, remaining the same both the Terms and Conditions listed here and the two-week period fee.

    • The subscription renewal can be cancel by the client at any time. When a subscription is cancelled before the current two-week period is over, the services will continue to be provided until the corresponding period is completed (partial refunds are not available), and the cancellation will take place from the next period on.


    • The two-week subscription includes: Two-hour online meeting to guide the first training session (included only in the subscription’s first period), up to two one-hour online reassessments, design of five to six training sessions per week through a Google doc spreadsheet, and one or two resting days per week.

    • The subscription includes two weeks of consecutive training.

    • This subscription is available nationally and internationally, with no restrictions of country, but subject to be taught either in Spanish or English, depending on the client's preferences.

    • The acquired subscription is personal and non-transferable.

    • Any extended time off (more than two days in a row) have to be approved in advance.

    • The program covers separation anxiety or separation related problems only, and not other behavioral issues

    • The communication channel between the specialist and the client will be through email, a Google doc spreadsheet, phone texts, or any similar platform that accomplishes the same goal. There will also be online meetings and phone calls when the specialist indicates their need during the program.

    • There will be some basic technology required (it is important to have possible expenses in mind).

    • There will be some advice on technology provided as a way to help setting everything up, but the rest will be the client's responsibility.

    • We agree that all the information will be confidential (in case of sharing access to webcams, passwords, etc.).

    • Client will assume full financial/moral responsibility for the actions of their dog(s) and indemnify and hold harmless the consultant.

    • The dog must never be left alone (barring absence rehearsals) as a requirement of this protocol. Doing so will jeopardize the correct development of the program and it will be a reason to end it (the fee won’t be refundable in that case).

    • Use of aversive tools such as electronic remote training collars or bark collars, among others are not accepted as part of this protocol.

    • There is no guarantee of behavior outcome or change, because change will be dependent on each dog, environmental factors, and client participation. The specialist will make every reasonable effort to help attain goals but makes no guarantees of performance on the part of client or dog as a result of providing professional animal behavior consultations.

    • The subscription will automatically renew every two weeks, without a limit in the number of renewals. Each of those periods will have the same cost than the first one, and terms and conditions will remain valid for the total length of the service.

    • It will be the client's responsibility to schedule the online meetings included in each subscription period. Any cancelled or no-show meetings that aren't rescheduled during the corresponding two-week period will be lost at the end of each period, and won't be transferrable to the next one.

    • All materials shared with the client are proprietary and cannot be shared.

    • Disputes can be settled by mediation and legal fees are assumed by the client.

    • This contract for training services supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, previously made between Client and Specialist.