Becoming a Separation Anxiety Dog Affiliate


By becoming a Separation Anxiety Dog Affiliate you will have access to offer my Do-It-Yourself Separation Anxiety Program to your clients while earning a 20% commission for each sale (program reference price $325).


Having one more option to offer to your clients will allow you to add more variety to your services. You will be able to create different services packages depending on the clients’ needs and finances, and depending on your own availability, still helping them and providing them with the support they need to help their dogs succeed.


After you sign up you will receive an AFFILIATE KIT that will include:
  • Unique DIY Program website link to share with your customers (this will allow us to track your sales, that’s why it is important for you clients to use this link when purchasing the program)
  • Unique “buy button” to use on your website/promotion material
  • Program’s description and high resolution image to use as needed
  • Promotion email template to use as needed


To sign up and become an affiliate please fill out the Affiliate Application Form.

Learn more about the Affiliate Program terms and conditions HERE.

Learn more about the Do-It-Yourself Separation Anxiety Program HERE.

Have any questions? Contact us HERE.